The Actiss Africa offer can be summed up in two proposals

How do we work?

To do this, each mission is articulated according to VMA, a unique methodology, specific to ACTISS. It is based on a deep understanding of our client’s issues and challenges in order to create a precise vision. We see each mission as a project with a mobilization phase and successively an action phase that guarantee both the achievement of primary objectives and the overall success of the chosen strategy.

In order to maximize the probability of achieving the expected objectives, we organize ourselves as an Actiss Africa Partner / Actiss Africa Transition Manager. The partner manages the mission, and ensures that the actions carried out give results and lead to the achievement of the objectives. The interim manager rushes into the mission, takes control of the teams, directs them towards the objective, and executes the action plans determined by the Steering Committee.
The parties – client, partner, interim manager, meet regularly (weekly) in the Steering Committee (Copil), a real mission control tower.

Interim managers are very experienced seniors, who are often oversized and therefore able to be more efficient and faster on the challenges of the missions in which they are immersed.