Bringing world-class service to African businesses

Based in Dakar, Abidjan and Paris, Actiss Africa aims to provide interim management and venture development solutions to companies based in Africa.

Our promise

The operational and managerial response to all the strategic transformations of the company.

Our vision is that the company that wins is the one that knows how to execute its action plans and that sets in motion all the links in its value chain. Our mission is to provide solutions for the operational implementation of action plans. To do this, each mission is articulated around VMA, a unique methodology, specific to ACTISS AFRICA which is based on a strong vision of "what needs to be done", on an ability to mobilize teams towards objectives, and finally on an Action phase articulated in project mode to guarantee both the achievement of the primary objectives and the overall success of the chosen strategy.

Any company, large or small, looking for very operational solutions to implement its strategy, its projects, to strengthen its weak links.

Our services

Actiss Africa focuses all its energy on a key element of success: operational excellence.

Interim management

Venture development

Market research

Change the organization to better stick to the market

Optimize your expenses

Change the organization to save these costs

Adapt to a new market

Putting in place managerial techniques that develop initiative and promote the emergence of project leaders

Replace an important departure

Replacement of an employee leaving the company temporarily or permanently

Integrate an acquired company

Experienced lika a tragedy by employees, respect for people and professional practices is the guarantee of success.

Increase your profit

Change the trend of your business, regain profitability

Upgrade your CFO, HR and supply chain

Organize / expand your middle management, surround yourself with a solid, competent team that relays your decisions well

Lead a project

End a trouble client project

Our successes

Missions on all sectors and functions of the company.

Transitional PMO

Support the implementation of project management processes

The transition PMO structures and organizes large-scale projects.

Transitional CEO

How to proceed to call on an effective Transition Manager?

The interim CEO is a professional who advises, structures and organizes a transition plan towards the continuity of a company's strategic development.

Transitional General Director

The diversity of their profiles allows us to offer you the ideal Director for your sector of activity.

Our GD Transition manages high-stakes organizational change situations.

Transitional Financial director

He ensures the presentation of the company's strategy

Our specialists are renowned for the excellence of their management of performance indicators and their management of Treasury in sensitive contexts.

Transitional IT director

Delegating to an expert is a winning strategy to support a major IT transition.

Hire an transitional IT manager to ensure the stability of the IT system and strengthen data security

Why choose us ?

What Actiss Africa does for you

Creates an associate partner/transition manager

Our work of identifying and selecting the best leaders is carried out continuously and independently of your request.

The MT is delegated in your company

For a few months, he takes on an internal function: CEO, CFO, commercial director...

The partner with you in Copil format

Determines the target you want to reach, establishes and validates the roadmap. Then in project mode, the manager executes the roadmap, with the support of the partner, and under your control.


No speeches, no Powerpoints, but tangible results: more sales, or organization well in place, or customer delivered on time...

Africa Business Cases

Each mission is the subject of an assessment and feedback by the pair made up of the interim manager and the associate director.