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CFAO Technology & Energy is a multinational company, whose The Technology and Energy division, based across Africa, is led to part of West Africa from its bases in Dakar and Abidjan CFAO Technology & Energy must build for its client the Togolese State a Datacenter in Lome. This project is way behind schedule. This is how the The Togolese government has imposed a deadline for the delivery of Datacenter, i.e. December 2, 2021, beyond which only non-blocking reservations can be accepted.

To meet this deadline, and noting that the delays are largely due to the lack of mobilization of the construction teams on site, and that the risk of not reaching the December 2 target is real under these conditions, CFAO Technology & Energy decides to call on Actiss Africa.

Actiss Africa is a Strategy Operator, leading the tactical implementation of its client companies’ strategic roadmaps. Actiss Africa intervenes at the request of CFAO Technology & Energy, to seize the direction of the Lomé Datacenter project, and in particular the management of the local teams, both internal and external, and to advance the project at a forced pace.

The mission

Initially, it was necessary to review the Gantt chart describing all the aspects of the project, classified by nature (masonry, energy,air conditioning, water, IT, etc.).

But very quickly, the Actiss Africa transition manager took charge of relations with the teams. Although there were no major difficulties with the internal teams, on the other hand the interim manager deployed a lot of energy to move the subcontracting companies forward, which were rather poorly organized, with employees who were not very mobilized and spread over other sites. It was a work of intense presence on the site, with wide working hours, including weekends.

Finally, the interim manager strongly hurried the internal supply teams, after he realized that the supply deadlines announced by the suppliers risked exceeding the date of December 2. This is how, day after day, the tasks listed in the site management GANTT are passed one after the other at a rate of achievement of 80%, then quickly to 100%, with receipts on each sub-project.

The results

CFAO Technology & Energy successfully completed the data center at the end of November. The recipe had to be postponed, because the client (the Togolese Government) suspended some decisions, in particular around the I.T. choice, making a stricto sensu recipe impossible on December 2. But the mission is successful, because the Datacenter, for the part for which CFAO Technology & Energy is solely responsible, is well finished. There will remain reservations, but not blocking, as in any project of this nature.

Actiss Africa carried out this project at a forced pace, obsessed with the objective of delivery by December 2 at all costs, and thus enabled CFAO TechnologyaEnergy to complete a project that had been dormant for three months until then.

Mission objectives

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