How to restore the performance of a logistics site?

Transport and logistics

As part of an overall approach to restoring the performance of the Bonneuil-sur-Marne site and consolidation of the line managerial, the project more specifically supported the Management of site operations.

The Bonneuil sur Marne site handles the logistics of Presstalis press titles. Given the requirements of its client, the volume to be processed, the difficulties related to press logistics, the General Management of GEODIS BM wished to call on ACTISS to strengthen a “floating” middle management, ensure a calm social climate , strengthen and enforce health and safety instructions, ensure that customer requirements (Presstalis) are achievable and executed.

Our approach, which brought together the various employees of the site management team, was divided into several phases :

Phase 1: Reduce anomalies

Create a structured managerial line : it was necessary to make employees integrate the need to move from oral management to formalized management.

Manage temporary staff : turnover being an indicator of instability, collaborative work has been set up with the various agencies to determine a selection that meets the requirements of GEODIS BM.

Reaffirm the responsibility of employees : the modification of the various job descriptions and the implementation of periodic monitoring have made it possible to place managers face to face with their responsibilities.

Organize operational meetings : they allow discussion on the different levels of productivity and the number of anomalies.

Initiate daily and weekly management tools : thanks to numerous meetings and the creation of various supports (help with the Daily briefing, action plan, learning curve, etc.), production has been ensured and even increased while resources decreased thanks to the reduction of anomalies.

Phase 2 : Continue actions following the CAPGEMINI audit

All the audits carried out by CAPGEMINI demonstrated that all the processes were under control and that the new actions had made it possible to increase the level of improvement.

Phase 3 : Return to the overflow site on Bonneuil-sur-Marne

In collaboration with the Production Director and his Case Managers, the manager prepared the reintegration project on the Bonneuil site. Thereafter, no problems were reported.

Phase 4 : Recommend a reorganization

A standard organizational chart was produced and shared with the Production Manager. We had to make decisions on the future of some employees, unfortunately not at the expected level.

4 months after the start of the mission, the team has significantly improved its productivity, in particular thanks to the implementation of an action plan and Daily Briefings as well as a better structuring of the managerial line.

"In a context of rapid rise in charge and with the need to structure our activity and reduce non-quality, we have wished to use a solution of interim management"
Philippe de Carné
HRD Geodis BM