Implementation of the commercial strategy

Technology & Energy

SmartEnergy is an SME located in Abidjan. It offers solutions for energy performance for high-consumption companies of energy - electricity, water, fuel. It offers these companies manage their energy with a triple objective of controlling their costs, optimization of their machine parks or industrial equipment, finally, controlling their environmental impact. SmartEnergy is integrated into the CIE group which strongly wishes develop (multiply by 5!) its activity as quickly as possible. Actiss Africa is a Strategy Operator, which steers the implementation tactics of the strategic roadmaps of its client companies. Actiss Africa intervenes at the request of the CIE, to structure and then manage the commercial activity of SmartEnergy with the aim of development.

The mission

Actiss Africa deploys its strategy operator system, i.e.: establishment of a practical roadmap, tight management of operations, reporting in project mode. A SmartEnergy manager is delegated on the mission as interim manager.

Quickly, Actiss Africa is focusing, with the SmartEnergy teams, on :

  • The correct definition of the offer, which needs to be clarified
  • The construction of sales tools: arguments, databases
  • The rapid implementation of a simple CRM
  • The development of a commercial activity plan and the implementation of relevant KPI’s.

The second phase consists of setting up and maintaining the management of sales operations on a weekly basis through a commercial point with each salesperson on their activity and their upcoming tasks.

The 3rd phase consists in accelerating the operations, under the impulse and the assistance of the group.

  • Development and management of common commercial actions with the group
  • Organization of the company in project mode, with the implementation of tools adapted to the sale of complex solutions in B to B (pre-sales project unit, GANTT, etc.)

The results

SmartEnergy has a structured, autonomous and sustainable commercial organization, a solid structure, which makes the objective of feasible development.

The acquisition of SmartEnergy by the CIE is therefore a success, its bet to develop sales of solutions with high added value has been successful.

Mission objectives

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