IFMT graduation ceremony

On April 11, 2023, the IFMT graduation ceremony took place in Paris La Défense. Gilles Marque sits on the Board of Directors of the IFMT, and is also a trainer there.

The IFMT, Institut de Formation au Management de Transition, is a French training organization that offers interim managers the opportunity to perfect their profession, as it is true that this – interim management – ​​is specific. The training lasts 14 days spread over 3 months, it concerns each year since 2016 two promotions of about twenty managers. It is delivered either face-to-face (in Paris) or remotely.

Gilles Marque sits on the Board of Directors as a founding member of the IFMT. In addition Gilles intervenes as a trainer in the course, which allows him his long experience (almost 20 years) in interim management in France and in Africa.

His long experience allows Gilles to better understand what works and what does not work in interim management, but also to constantly improve the tools of intervention in client companies. This is what he brings to the IFMT.

This is what it brings above all to Actiss Africa, and to clients on the Continent. Interim management, in Africa as elsewhere, is a more complicated job than it seems. It is therefore good to have among us an expert in this profession.

IFMT graduation ceremony