ACTISS AFRICA Newsletter info - November 2023

Dear readers,
Dear readers, Actiss Africa continues its investment on the African Continent, with the establishment of two branches, in Ivory Coast and Senegal. Beyond words, this reflects our desire to provide African companies with solutions for growth and development in a sustainable way. An example of growth and development is the mission we carried out for JA Delmas in Abidjan and Dakar, which we let you discover below.
The Actiss Africa partners

Human resources development assignment at JA Delmas West Africa.

The JA Delmas Group, based in Bordeaux (France), must face strategic challenges and projects at the end of 2022. The Group’s central services are monopolized by these projects, and no longer find the time to manage HR operations of the West Africa sub-region (11 countries, hub in Abidjan). The new HR, appointed in 2020, is certainly a great contribution. However, when the mission is launched, it still needs to be supported to assume all facets of its responsibilities (overall vision, professionalism of the function and strategic contribution). This is why JA Delmas decided to set up an interim management assignment in HR in Abidjan, to take coresponsibility for HR with the newly appointed HR director, and thus help the latter to move forward on the files and gain experience, know-how and maturity in the position.

The mission

This is carried out around three poles mainly
    • HR strategy. What is the target, that is to say a complete, relevant and efficient HR organization? On all general points – recruitment, administrative management and payroll, HR development, social relations – and more particularly on the retention rate, contract management, employer branding, salary scale, etc., pragmatic action plans were established and executed by the transitional HR department, then by the incumbent HR department, and managed in project mode.
    • Upgrading teams. Between organization and training of central and regional HR teams, the mission focused on training and coaching actions, 360°, career management. Particular attention was paid to how to strengthen the cohesion of the HR team, without which no development would be possible.
    • Review of processes,in particular payroll and social management control.

 The mission is carried out, on all action plans, according to a very pragmatic and operational method “I do, then I show you, then you do, finally you are autonomous” between the transition manager and the permanent HR manager.

The results

The strategic plan for the HR component is complete. The HR organization is established, and the key
processes reviewed. On this solid foundation, the incumbent HR manager will be able to accelerate the
transformation and make the HR function a strong link in the company.

This mission was carried out in collaboration with Wayden France, the French partner of IXPA, a global
network of interim management providers.

Opening of branches in Dakar and Abidjan

It was in 2022 that we opened two African branches, one in Dakar, the other in Abidjan. Ambroise Baroan, based alternately in the two capitals, manages these two entities, with the assistance of Irda Moh, and the entire Actiss Africa team. This allows us to be ever closer to operations, not only from a control tower in a remote country by video or Whatsapp, but really physically by your side. Of course, this also facilitates administrative and financial matters.

CIAN HR Commission

On June 16, Actiss Africa animated the HR Commission of the CIAN (Conseil Français des investisseurs en Afrique) around the theme: Transition Management in Africa. Interim management is developing in Africa. This is good news for African companies and local subsidiaries of international groups. Because interim management is a solution that allows companies to develop, grow and enrich themselves. Actiss Africa: transition management for Africans by Africans! Conference


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ACTISS AFRICA Newsletter info – November 2023