Newsletter ACTISS AFRICA - June 2024

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A look back at some assignments carried out in recent months on the Continent, which show that the challenges companies face are primarily operational, and more focused on How to Do than What to Do.
Elisabeth Moreno highlights exemplarity as the best way to promote the status of women in Africa. Isn’t the opening of Actiss North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) by our new Partner Hend Boulahya an illustration? It is like this, quietly, in a pragmatic and exemplary way, in action, by DOING, that Actiss Africa intends to make its contribution to the construction of an Africa that advances.

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The Actiss Africa partners

Various interim management assigments

We are often asked what interim management is. It is easy to give a definition “solution allowing a company to move forward operationally”. But we only really understand with mission examples. However, transition management missions can be very varied.
At the gabonese subsidiary of this famous international Infrastructure group, for Actiss Africa, on a MD mission, it was a matter of re-establishing the fundamentals of the subsidiary, bringing in unpaid cash and re-establishing relaxed relationships with customers, by restoring the level of service. In doing so, the financial situation improved.
Nothing in common at Sunu Services (Sunu Group) in Abidjan, where the assignment consisted of structuring the HR function at Group level, in particular the organization and the talent development processes, but above all by allowing the existing HR team to change dimension and manage a real complete HR function. However, at Sunu, as with many other companies, the main asset is the human factor, guaranteed by the added value provided by the company. And nothing in common either at Expertise France in Paris, a subsidiary of the AFD. The management of several transformation projects for the CFO function has made it possible to modernize it and align it with the ambitions of Expertise France, particularly in Africa.
Nothing in common, really? Different functions and sectors, of course. But the challenges seem to be the same: (re)building a function, consolidating an essential part of the company. The results are also crucial: after an interim management mission the company is better equipped, better placed to continue to develop and win. This is the real added value of an interim management assignment.

Neoma Meeting with Elisabeth Moreno

On September 11, as part of NEOMAFRICA (the African Alumni of Neoma School), of which Gilles Marque is one of the co-hosts, we welcome the forme French minister Elisabeth Moreno. The theme of the conference was Gender Equality in Africa. And on this subject Elisabeth Moreno was able to provide us with an enlightening vision based on her experience and her past and present activities in connection with the Continent. It emerged from the discussions that it is above all a change in mentalities and an awareness that must be made. This will come through education of course, but also through the example of successful women.

New partners for Northern Africa

Hend Boulahya joined Actiss Africa in January 2024 to manage our operations in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria). Hend is a recent graduate of the IFMT (Interim Management Training Institute), and as such is familiar with transition management. It provides companies based in North Africa – national, Group subsidiaries or private equity funds – with its know-how in selling solutions with high added value for companies.

Very excited to have the opportunity to use my skills acquired during my 25 years of experience to promote the development of Actiss Africa’s activities in these 3 promising markets” says Hend.
Gilles Marque quoted “We are delighted to be able to count on Hend’s extensive experience in transition management. Together we provide North African companies with the means to structure themselves and develop further.

Gilles Marque et Hend Boulahya


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Newsletter Actiss Africa – June 2024