Drapeau Burkina Faso

Actiss Africa, one of the only “pure player” interim management companies in Africa, operates in particular in Burkina Faso.

Its representative in the West Africa region, Ambroise Baroan, contributes significantly to the dissemination of Actiss Africa interim management assignments. “We know the historical activities in Burkina Faso: Mines, trade, banks, and especially agriculture… But the economy is much broader than that. From start-ups to large groups, all sectors are represented.”

Specificities of interim management assignments in Burkina Faso:

Actiss has helped several companies in Burkina Faso, mainly in Ouagadougou.

What characterizes customers in Burkina Faso is their human dimension, which we feel is the most important issue.

Whether you are in heavy or high-tech industry, in agriculture or in services, here, more than elsewhere, human issues are a real priority. In particular the need for leadership, the need to remobilize teams, the desire to restore or improve production tools, were the main assignments that Actiss Africa carried out.


What types of interim management assignments for your company?

The missions that we carry out in West Africa and Burkina Faso are varied:

  • Redesign of the Marketing organization.
  • Relaunch of commercial activity.
  • Redesign of the IT department.
Our managers are experienced in these challenges and are mobilizing to carry out their missions.
Social relations are sometimes tense in companies in Burkina Faso, there remains a habit of sometimes rough exchanges between general management, management and labours. But ultimately what characterizes these interim management assignments is the feeling that we are in real life, that we are acting FOR the teams above all. Beyond the technical tools implemented and the performance achieved, it is really during each interim management mission the restoration of team spirit that has brought us the most pride.
This is also the reason why we love our interim management job so much.

Some examples of missions in Burkina Faso:

For a group in the telecoms sector, we were able to carry out a mission to overhaul and adapt the marketing organization to new market conditions. The mission lasting a few months allowed this group to regain market share.

In an Oil & Gas group we worked on overhauling the IT organization, with a focus on upgrading infrastructure, which was outdated. This allowed this international group to consolidate the organization of information and ultimately to offer internal departments better service.

And these are just a few examples…


Experienced Interim managers in Ouagadougou

Many of the interim managers we know in the ECOWAS – WAEMU region know how to respond to a crisis situation, namely taking on management functions in interim… but do not necessarily come from Burkina Faso, but often from the Western Africa region.

In addition to the know-how and contexts specific to Burkinabe companies, companies are looking above all for:

  • the operational
  • managerial expertise and skills
  • extreme responsiveness
  • and real results

As everywhere in Africa, we recruit executives who have come to the profession of interim manager, often having worked as highly qualified executives in several sectors of activity. They have had to deal with crisis management, like to build long-term action plans, and enjoy the flexibility of the job.

And their expertise and career paths are extensive: from the General Director, to the Financial Director, including the Human Resources Director, the CIO, the Sales Director… Actiss Africa is one of the rare interim management firms that offers you a real interim management solution. interim management in Burkina Faso and in general in the ECOWAS – WAEMU region, supported by an interim director or an interim manager at his side to develop your turnover and all your development projects.

Actiss Africa, one of the only “pure player” interim management companies in Africa, operates in particular in Burkina Faso.